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Unique as the year in which it was born, 2014. The essentiality of the design endows even the most impersonal function with style and individuality.
The Vespa 946 is a pure expression of a style synonymous in the minds of millions of travelers and devotees, with freedom of movement and expression. A far-sighted projection of sustainable mobility, whose form and substance crystallize the fundamental aesthetic and dynamic values of the history of the two-wheeler.
The Vespa 946 has low consumption and reduced emissions. Fully digital instrumentation. Superior construction quality to make it a winner on every road, the means to reach every destination.
The way to guard against imitations is to look beyond the immediate future. The Vespa 946 has ABS braking and ASR traction control. The 4-stroke 155 cc monocylinder engine is a response to requirements that may still be nascent. And it guarantees the best performance in its category. Electronic injection, three-valve distribution, reduced friction and improved fluid dynamics sharply reduce consumption and emissions, establishing a new benchmark over and beyond current regulations.
Real luxury is realizing a more ambitious and fascinating dream every day. Today the Vespa 946 re-affirms its legend. It enhances the classical values of tradition: the shape of the handlebar, the proportions of the fairing, the plunging curves of the saddle all come from the earliest drawings. Every detail reflects a choice and a reference to Italian-style production. A craftsman’s approach in a futuristic dimension.

Attention to detail has been an integral part of the project right from the start.
But when the Vespa 946 moves along the production line, then it really becomes a unique item. From the first stitching on the leather handle grips to the final polish, everything is done by hand, with the same care as a couturier for his creations. From the press shop to the tumble finishing, the attention and passion is that of an artist’s atelier.
Because a craftsman is an artist.

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Vespa 946
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