Green Scooting

Good reasons for riding a scooter.
Green Scooting

Why buy a scooter?

Apart from lowering your carbon foot print and getting incredible gas mileage, it’s your “Gateway” to freedom, whether as a daily rider or just a weekend ride; you forget about everything else and just….. have fun and enjoy yourself. Once you are on a scooter, look at the people’s smile in their car as they see you passing by!!

What’s the gas mileage like?

The average MPG for our scooter line is 80 to 85 MPG, with some getting as high as 140 MPG (Genuine Stella 4 stroke). Even our “least” fuel efficient scooter still gets 60 to 65 MPG!! (Piaggio MP3 500). We recommend using 93 octane fuel. Let us refer you to Vespanomics:

How much is maintenance and how often?

Maintenance on scooters is not even close to the one of a cage (that’s scooter/ motorcycle term for anything on 4 wheels with doors!). After an initial service between 650 and 1,000 miles, you only bring it in every 3 to 6,000 miles (depending on models) as all of our scooters come with Full Synthetic oil.
We also do State Inspections.
Please contact our service department at or by calling 214-361-1030 for more information.